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If you are a Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Yoga Teacher or similarly qualified Level 3 Sports and Fitness Coach, and you want to learn all about Mindfulness and how to Meditate, then this two day course is a MUST for you.


Peter Francis, the Founder of Meditation Personal Trainers, is on a personal crusade to change the entire World’s outdated perception of where, how and by whom Meditation should be taught.

Peter possesses over 20 years of Meditation and teaching experience having taught hundreds and hundreds of people his three-step system to Meditate optimally. Peter is a former Met Police Counter Terrorism Officer who suffered a Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) breakdown and has used Meditation and Mindfulness to assist his long-term recovery.

His personal journey to study and master the many varying approaches to Meditation in the quest to first help his own recovery and understanding as to how and why Meditation has such a powerful impact also offered him the insight he needed to bring an up-to-date modernised 21st century program of Meditation to serve health and wellbeing professionals also.

The truth is learning how to Meditate by a fully qualified and insured Exercise Professional whether in a gym setting or from home rather than an App, YouTube video, or even Buddhist or Self Proclaimed Guru on a retreat in a monastery or local Buddhist centre has far superior impact. Meditation Personal Trainers helps you be that Meditation teacher that people can access easily and use its power to help change their lives.

First you must learn Meditation, properly

We offer two full days (16 hours) of Meditation and Mindfulness instruction with teaching workshops on a course originally approved and endorsed by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and now The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA), formerly known as the Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity and is the professional body for the United Kingdom’s sport and physical activity sector.

8 CIMSPA CPD Points are also awarded with successful completion of this course.

1) You will learn the principles and practice of Mindfulness and Meditating and how to teach others to Meditate easily and effectively, in your usual personal training, fitness or exercise setting.

2) You will understand how to tailor Meditation techniques for different types of clients. You will also teach and inform your clients as to how Meditation will help them achieve their goals faster.

Founder Peter Francis, with over 20 years of Meditation and teaching experience, will personally be guiding you through both the training days with a maximum of 6 students per programme.

Most importantly, YOU will be taught how to Meditate too, so it doesn’t matter if you have never Meditated or never practiced Mindfulness before.

Make a truly informed decision

We invite you to read some of our great reviews under our Testimonial page on the website.

The cost includes 2 days training, resources, ongoing support after the training days and marketing guidance.


Suitable for Level 3 or above qualified Personal Trainers, Pilates and Yoga Teachers, Archery, Boxing, Football, Golf, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis and equivalent other Level 3 Sports and Fitness Coaches.

To gain 8 CIMSPA CPD points, CIMSPA and Former REPs members MUST have Level 3 Personal Trainer, L3 Yoga or L3 Pilates status on the CIMSPA register.

If in doubt at all, please contact us to make sure you are eligible before booking.


Continuous assessment over the course of the weekend.


A £499 investment in yourself and your business. You'll get 2 full days training, resources, ongoing support after you have graduated and further marketing guidance if needed. And if you need any further convincing as to whether you and your business are worth it (and of course we think you are) please check out our excellent testimonials page to read what our MPT Course Graduates have to say about us too!

On successful completion of the Course and if you wish to, you can then also be included on our National Register of Meditation Personal Trainers where prospective clients can find and contact you.

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