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The 21st Century Meditation Techniques From Meditation Personal Trainers

Would You Like To Learn To Meditate?

Hopefully the answer is YES!

Why is it that when we decide to get physically fit, we employ well trained and fully insured Personal Trainers?

However, when we decide to learn to Meditate, we are often left at the behest of religious groups, cults and sometimes total and utter fruit loops preaching about their own oneness with the Universe?

Yet both are exactly the same!

One is an exercise for the body that makes it and us fitter. The other is a simple exercise for the mind that makes it and us calmer.

Both can be learnt by anyone and everyone as long as they’re prepared to learn. There’s no more mysticism or difficulty in learning and practising Meditation than there is any other physical exercise. For example, a sit up or a leg lunge.

Yet one is regarded as being taught “professionally”, while the other is not.

Until now, that is!

At Meditation Personal Trainers, no self styled Guru will teach (or indeed preach!) their totally bizarre way of life and methods.

As the CEO and founder of Meditation Personal Trainers, former Special Branch Officer and long-term C-PTSD extreme stress sufferer, Peter FRANCIS, has 3 Founding Principles that all his fully trained MPT’s must adhere to:


Anyone and everyone can learn to Meditate! If you are prepared to learn, you can learn to Meditate anywhere and at any time.

Basically if you can think, you can Meditate!


Only fully qualified and insured Level 3 Personal Trainers, Yoga and Pilates teachers and Sport and Fitness Coaches are taught, and teach, our non religious Meditation techniques.

All our Meditation Personal Trainers are qualified to teach Meditation.They have been on a fully approved and accredited Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) or The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) teaching course.

All our Meditation Personal Trainers are fully taught, graded, certificated and registered only by us.

As the founder and Master Meditation Personal Trainer teacher, Peter Francis has practised daily and learnt multiple different forms of Meditation across the globe since 2001.

Since he began to teach in 2011, Peter has personally taught hundreds of people to Meditate.

Peter’s Meditation Personal Trainers teaching courses combine his own unique technique and teaching methods with all that he knows and has learnt about physical exercise. Having studied Martial Arts since he was 12 years old, he is also a fully qualified REPs and CIMSPA Level 2 Gym and Fitness Instructor, REP’s and CIMSPA Level 3 Personal Trainer and EIF Master Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and ACSM Lifestyle and Motivational Coach.

Our founder is also a fully qualified MIND Mental Health First Aider, Time To Change Champion and Wellbeing Community Champion.

Peter’s unique methods of teaching Meditation allow him to further assist and understand those with more complex Mental Health issues, but still wish to learn to Meditate. Like he himself did, after being diagnosed as suffering from PTSD in 2001.


Finally, we are not “Meditation Gurus” and never will be to our clients.

Anymore than we are or ever will be their “Exercise Gurus”.

Instead, we are all highly motivated, fully qualified and insured Meditation Personal Trainers.

We are here to try to help you or anyone else to achieve the goal of learning to Meditate.

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